Restore your beautiful smile.

At Darby Dental Smiles, we want to help you fix every smile imperfection causing you stress. As a dentistry option to repair or replace teeth that have been damaged, we offer porcelain crowns and bridges. These are modern, metal-free techniques brought to Mechanicsburg, Ohio for beautiful and strong smiles. Crowns let us save many teeth that are badly damaged due to decay or injury and restore them to a healthy and beautiful state.

Porcelain Crowns

For a very long time, metal was the only option for crowns. Metal crowns are very strong, but wildly unattractive. Custom-made porcelain crowns have become a popular choice because they blend in with the surrounding teeth. Crowns offer a solution for problems like large cavities, fractures, chips, and breakage. These tooth-shaped caps fit precisely over your natural teeth for a personalized treatment that’s strong, comfortable, and functional.

Our office works with the best dental labs locally here in Ohio to make you a beautiful, well fitting crown that will last you many years to come.
With the help of our new E4D machine, creating beautiful, customized crowns is easier than you may think. This technology enables our Mechanicsburg team to take quick, precise digital impressions of your tooth, which are then used to design and mill your new crown at our in-office lab. You can even watch it being made! The E4D eliminates messy impressions and temporary restorations.


Dental bridges were developed as an alternative to partial dentures. For a long time, removable dentures were the only available form of tooth replacement, but bridges now stand as a bonded option for more reliable wear. Using crowns on either end of the replacement teeth, a bridge bonds into place on the remaining healthy teeth that lie on either side of the gap. The missing teeth are replaced permanently.

Crowns and bridges are essential services for any full-service dental office to provide. We care a great deal for our community and we want to make sure that when you break a tooth or lose a tooth to gum disease, you have the opportunity to bring your smile back to looking and feeling complete. If you’re in Mechanicsburg, Ohio or the surrounding area, we invite you to contact Darby Dental Smiles for an appointment. Enhance your mouth’s function and appearance today!

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