A Straighter Smile without Braces? Yes please.

If you’ve wondered for a long time if orthodontic treatment might help you feel better about your smile, we think you should consider Invisalign. Darby Dental Smiles offers Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. We know Mechanicsburg, Ohio families enjoy having options available to them. We strive to aid our patients in utilizing those options in a way to best accomplish the smile adjustments most important to them.

Invisalign provides easy, comfortable, and unobtrusive alignment trays, leaving you free to enjoy your life without the problems often associated with metal braces. The aligners are invisible and removable, meaning that you can enjoy a natural appearance and eat or perform your regular oral hygiene routine without disturbance. The aligners are smooth, negating the irritation experienced from the bonding of metal braces. Invisalign eliminates the majority of distress to the mouth.

The Invisalign treatment process uses modern, 3D technology to ensure precision. The computer program assembles the most suitable treatment plan, taking impressions to make sure that everything is exact. Your aligners are completely customized – we won’t move forward with treatment until we perfect your plan! At that point, we will craft the aligners. You will wear each set in the series for about two weeks before switching to the next.

Invisalign provides an innovative, orthodontic solution to a variety of bite problems, including crowded and spaced teeth. To explore this option further, contact Darby Dental Smiles in Mechanicsburg, Ohio and schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. We can’t wait to be the support system in your smile evolution!

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