At Darby Dental Smiles, we provide general and restorative dentistry to fix functional problems, while our cosmetic procedures offer aesthetic value. Veneers offer some of the most noticeable transformations available in cosmetic dentistry. Not only do they cover a multitude of problems, including chips, gaps, and discoloration, but they also resist future stains. Veneers are essentially a complete smile makeover in a single procedure. We supply veneers to Mechanicsburg, OH so that our patients will have modern cosmetic options available to them, yielding powerful results.

Veneers are wafer-thin sheets of porcelain shaped to fit the front of your natural teeth. The veneers look very natural and reflect light in such a way that it closely mimics the look of real tooth enamel. In addition, they are typically more durable and long lasting compared to bonding options.

The process generally takes two visits. The first visit will involve a consultation, so we can learn about you, discern what bothers you about your smile, and understand what you’re looking for from treatment. Once we’ve determined that veneers are the right choice for your smile makeover, we can ready your teeth to accept the veneers, take impressions, and create your custom veneers in the dental lab. The second appointment involves bonding your new look in place.

The best way to get started toward your smile makeover with porcelain veneers is to contact Darby Dental Smiles in Mechanicsburg, OH for an appointment. We look forward to seeing your smile take the form of your dreams!

Provance Composite Veneers

If you are looking for a new, innovative smile makeover, look no further than Provance composite veneer system. It is a brand new, revolutionary cosmetic solution only available in a select few offices out there. Lucky for us, Darby Dental Smiles’ own Dr. Kile is trained in the procedure.

Boasting extreme efficiency and predictability, Provance costs about 50% of traditional veneers. Provance can improve the aesthetics of your smile by whitening teeth and improving their shape and length. Pre-procedure requires little to no removal of enamel while post-procedure guarantees easy care and maintenance. Click here to learn more about the benefits.

Learn first hand why patients love Provance.

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