We want you to have the best oral health possible; it’s why we do what we do! For a lot of people, though, the thought of visiting the dentist to receive this care can be nerve-wracking. Dental anxiety is a common problem and can prevent many people from receiving necessary treatments. The team at Darby Dental Smiles wants to improve your oral health, not see you suffer from the repercussions of poor dentistry due to fear or anxiety. To combat this, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation dentistry at our Mechanicsburg, Ohio family dental office.

Nitrous Oxide
Many patients receive nitrous oxide during cleanings and exams to make the process more comfortable. When procedures require a good deal of time in the dental chair, using this sedative agent can make it much easier to lie still and feel calm. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a mild sedation dentistry tool used to “take the edge off.” Before your procedure, a sedative agent is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose. The effects are rather light and dissipate quickly.

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation offers deeper feelings of relaxation. This method will make you drowsy, although you’ll still be awake. Patients remain aware of their surroundings, but are less responsive to external stimuli like unpleasant sounds or new smells. Because the effects of oral sedation dentistry are stronger and take longer to wear off, you need to plan on someone driving you home after your appointment.

IV Sedation
The most advanced form of sedation is intravenous. Similar to medical procedures, the sedative medication is delivered through a small needle or catheter placed in a vein. You will most likely have little or no memory of your appointment because of the amnesic affect of the medications used to provide the sedation. During IV sedation, you are able to respond to verbal commands and recognize to a light touch. Our staff is fully trained to handle IV sedation and few health risks exist. Patients choosing this route must have someone accompany him/her to and from our office.

Contact us today to learn more about sedation dentistry at Darby Dental Smiles in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. We’ll gladly walk you through the process so that you can feel at ease while visiting us for all of your dental care needs.

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